A girl with a magic wedding ring in D.L. Kelly’s time-jump/romance

It’s a great idea to have to actually see and experience for yourself if you are compatible with your special someone even after you get married. Every woman had thought of it thousands of times. It’s the only reason how women can actually say that “I do” or “yes.” D.L. Kelly had found a way to tell it as a (sort of a) paranormal story, by finding your one and only with the use of a “magic” wedding ring.

I saw this novel browsing through titles listed in Cheap Kindle Books. It’s a good story. It’s a page turner. I actually swam through the pages without stopping. So, when the story did stop, I was like “noooo!”

The wonderful experience of being married to different men

Once Only: A story of growing up, falling in love, and getting married...a few times.
Once Only: A story of growing up, falling in love, and getting married…a few times.

It’s every (or some or even most) girl’s ultimate dream—to test your compatibility with cool boys in high school. I’m not sure if I like it that D.L. Kelly had chosen a teenager to be the main protagonist for this story which theme is rather mature, but she hadn’t failed my expectations. It was a fun read. It could even be fun for teenagers (which is her purpose for this novel, by the way; see Author Interview). For a paranormal/romance story, this book has a plot that is probably at the mildest such story can ever be.

The flow of the story is solid. It was pleasantly drifting me from one place to another without leaving any gaps. If it does leave something hanging, it fills up just as appropriately as it can get.

The main characters would most probably be Laura and Ringo, I mean, Ben. I can picture Ben as hot as hell with that pushiness and confidence, but I guess that imagination can only last in less than three minutes the way it had in Laura’s experience.

The downs of the story

I hope the story would have taken longer than it had. To be honest, my feelings about the entire book is like: oh, the ring happened and now there’s these time-jumping scenes and now the story is done. I somehow felt abandoned just when I had let myself be caught.

Also, I’m not sure if I can accept the turn of the story when she had gotten involved with an actual kidnapping and then got over with it as soon as it had happened. But then again, the story is so pleasantly walked through, it’s really hard to argue with it.

Another thing that I felt antagonized with this book is that, I mean, the story is about a ring she found on a beach and then a fantastic experience happens. Usually you’d want to know how and when the ring was made and why it exists. So, to never know the answers to those up to the time Laura had ditched the ring then up to the end of the novel, it felt like a big question was never answered. A huge lump was left on me. However, since there is a possibility of a plan that she’ll give this book a sequel (see Author Interview), I guess we could have that “ring” story all figured out by then.

Overall a book with a good plot

I give it three stars, with respect to the smoothness of the plot and the creation of lovable male characters (I mean, that’s what romance novels is all about, right?). D.L. Kelly had worked hard and she did well on giving this good story idea a good plot. The plot was not hurried and not slow.

She’s good at creating great characters, especially leading men. I felt great compassion for Mac (the older guy version). He may have lasted under eight minutes in my imagination (or may have been shorter since I was just reading it), but he left a big impression on me and I’d really want to see more of him! But he’s not the main character, so that’s depressing. For now, I’m aiming to read Her Obsession and My French Vanilla. They must have good plots too.

Get to know more about D.L. Kelly in her interview and through her profile page here. Once Only can be purchased from Amazon.


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